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Fusion Dental (by Clear Innova)


Fusion dental has been developing and manufacturing products that are used in every dental procedure today.

What distinguishes the Fusion dental line from other manufacturers is our commitment to innovation. Focusing on a diversified product line that will provide the quality and the affordability to all dental offices. Our efforts is to ensure that each dentist experiences our innovative products and stirve to introduce new and innovative products yearly.

Fusion dental's parent company, Clear Innova LLC, is a CA based organization with affiliations all over the world. A diversified technology leader that designs, manufactures and markets innovative products and services.

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OriginTM Radiology Software


One Product, Any Practice

Health care facilities that use Origin use only Origin. For example, members of Harris Corporation’s self-paid medical benefit plan are cared for completely through Origin in primary care and medical imaging facilities in Melbourne, Florida.

With Origin, features that often require separate products — digital dictation, medical imaging, Web presence — are integrated seamlessly. Even custom functionality feels right at home: a specialized mammography tracker designed for University Center Imaging in Melbourne, Florida was praised by an FDA inspector as the best he’d ever seen.

Key Features

  • End-to-end health care: referral, scheduling, medical records, reporting, billing
  • Medical information network: referrals, reports, and key images delivered over the Web
  • One-click medical imaging: no double-entry or separate login
  • Seamless, integrated digital dictation, with support for speech mike and foot pedal
  • Customizable electronic medical record (EMR): choose from a wide variety of EMR types
  • Adaptive diagnostic code suggester streamlines billing cycles
  • Integrated scheduler combines orders, appointments, and meetings into a single view
  • Unique patient and order trackers provide instant practice management snapshots
  • HIPAA information management
  • Electronic or conventional billing
  • Administrative and financial reports
  • Built on best-of-breed open-source foundation technologies

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Home / Products / Fusion Dental Products

OriginTM Radiology Software


Origin Server

  • Windows, Linux, or Mac OS X platforms
  • Separate edge server recommended for Web applications

Origin Clients

  • Any computer that can run the Java 5 Platform, Standard Edition 1.5 or higher
  • Minimum 1024x768 display resolution
  • Minimum 512M total RAM


  • ≥ 100 Mbps local area network
  • Broadband Internet connection (for inter-site communication and remote product maintenance)

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